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Virtual reality just isnít as exciting as it once was. I wanted to use technology to allow people to interact with the real world, so Iíve created a way to experience Remote Reality through Orbduino.

Orbduino allows the user to interact with objects over the web. No matter where you are in the world, youíre making real stuff happen in another place. Sure, itís just small stuff- but still pretty cool, huh?

How to play: Use the buttons below to interact with the different objects.

For the robotic arm:
ē If the response window is green, you have control
    ē If another user has control, youíll get a message and will need to wait (and watch the fun!)
    ē If you have control but donít see movement after clicking, you may be at the limit of where you can go. Try moving back the other way.

Give me a surprise the next time I check it out. I'll try to throw new things into the mix on occasion and put forth some challenges to keep things interesting. I'm always looking for input for improvements or new ideas!  You can post on the Facebook page, Send e-mail, or leave a message below.
        Thanks and have fun!    -Trav

Chat/Message Board:

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Press and hold the Target to see something special. It's not easy, and you can't do it with the arm alone. Good Luck!
If you do press it, leave me a note in the chat above with your nickname and location.

11/22/2014: After 4.5 years continually on-line, the Orbduino will be taking an extended hiatus beginning 11/29/2014. This was a difficult decision, but necessary due to space constraints. Hoping the Orbduino will return at some point in the future, but am unable to say when at this point. Thank you all for your patronage over the years!
Thank you for visiting the Orbduino!       -Trav

Robotic Arm Commands:
Choose Camera/View:
View#1 (from left) , View #2 (from top) , none

Main Scene Lights:  (On (Off)

Orbduino Response:                                             

Read Back Temperature information

Orb Commands:

Turn Orb Off
Start Random Color Flow

Instant color:
Red   Green   Blue

Yellow   Cyan   Magenta

Mix your own color:
Enter a value from 0 to 255 for each color

 Red:       Green:       Blue: 


Contact: Trav

Scene Captures: